radioactivedecay A Python package for radioactive decay calculations


The decay of 1 kBq of Mo-99 along with the ingrowth of its progeny.


radioactivedecay is a Python package for radioactive decay modelling. It contains functions to fetch decay data, define inventories of nuclides and perform decay calculations. The default nuclear decay dataset supplied with radioactivedecay is based on ICRP Publication 107, which covers 1252 radioisotopes of 97 elements. The code calculates an analytical solution to a matrix form of the decay chain differential equations using double or higher precision numerical operations. There are visualization functions for drawing decay chain diagrams and plotting activity decay curves.

A. Malins & T. Lemoine
Journal of Open Source Software 7 (71), 3318 (2022)

DOI: 10.21105/joss.03318
PDF: download