Scientist working in the Center for Computational Science & e-Systems, Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

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Latest News

17 Nov 2020: Paper published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity on radiation dose rates in forests: PDF.

10 Nov 2020: New conference paper on extracting information on the distribution of radiocesium within the ground from gamma spectroscopy measurements: ArXiv and PDF.

19 Oct 2020: Article published in Superconducting Science and Technology characterizing the homogeneity of neutron imaging with CB-KID. PDF mirror here.

4 Aug 2020: New conference paper on CB-KID experiments in Journal of Physics: Conference Series. PDF mirror here.


I am a scientist working for the Centre for Computational Science & e-Systems in Japan Atomic Energy Agency. I am currently working on research for radiation physics and environmental science projects.

Previously, I worked in engineering consultancy in the UK, and completed a PhD in physics at the University of Bristol.

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