Researcher working on radiation, environmental and health physics in Japan Atomic Energy Agency's Center for Computational Science and e-Systems.

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Latest News

3 Oct 2019: New article in Isotope News on creating 3D models for dose rate calculations. PDF here (in Japanese).

3 Jul 2019: New paper in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity on radiocesium uptake by freshwater fish in Fukushima Prefecture. PDF here.


Researcher working for Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) in the Centre for Computational Science & e-Systems, Kashiwa, Japan.

Research topics include radiation physics, health physics, computational science, simulation, data analysis, environmental monitoring, and migration studies of radionuclides.

Previously I worked in nuclear safety analysis in the UK, and completed a PhD in the physics of glass and colloidal suspensions at the University of Bristol.

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