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Installing PyNE on Windows via WSL

3 minute read


Although PyNE is officially only supported for Linux and Mac, it is possible to build and use it on Windows using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and the Ubuntu terminal app from the Microsoft Store. These instructions describe how to install a basic PyNE build (no MOAB, DAGMC or OpenMC interfaces) on Windows via WSL. They presume only some basic knowledge on using Linux and Windows command lines. They were written for Windows 10 (1909), Ubuntu 20.04 and PyNE 0.7.3 - mileage for other releases may vary.

Interactive rebase to switch base branches mid GitHub pull request

1 minute read


A situation occurred the other week that I had not encountered before when working on a GitHub pull request for the PyNE Python package. The PR (#1270) added a new function to initialize materials by supplying activities of radionuclides. It complements existing methods to create materials from masses or atom fractions.


Updating the version of a port on MacPorts

2 minute read


If you come across a piece of software on MacPorts with an out of date version, here are instructions for how to update it. First open up a terminal window and identify the port’s maintainer: